Be greeted by your personal consultant. You’ll be greeted by one of our highly knowledgeable consultants to start your day at Posh

Head to the dressing room. You’ll be escorted to one of our  dressing rooms.

Share all of your wedding details. Once you’re ready to try on dresses, you’ll share your wedding details with your consultant (think venue, wedding date and more), but most importantly you’ll discuss your style and wedding dresses you love as well as your budget.

Try on dresses! Your consultant will bring you between 3-5 dresses that you and her selected to the dressing room for try on!

Complete your look. Your consultant will complete your bridal look with veils and belts!

Say ‘Yes!’ Get excited-you’ve found your dream dress! We will show you bridesmaids and tuxedos now that your gown is purchased!

Guests: Please just let us know on your appointment page if you have more than 6, so we are ready for you!

Text us 858-373-8608 with special requests.